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Use W, A, S, D to move and space to jump. Collect coins and avoid the enemies.
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About Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros, created by Nintendo, is one of the most iconic and influential video game franchises in history. The character Mario, a mustachioed Italian plumber, first appeared in the game "Donkey Kong" in 1981 as a carpenter named Jumpman. Designed by Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario became a cultural icon when "Super Mario Bros" was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1985. The game introduced players to the Mushroom Kingdom, where Mario embarks on a quest to rescue Princess Toadstool (later known as Princess Peach) from the villainous Bowser.

Interesting and Weird Facts

  • Mario was originally named Jumpman.
  • The character Mario was named after Mario Segale, the landlord of Nintendo's warehouse.
  • In the original "Super Mario Bros" game, Mario was designed with a mustache to make his nose more visible.
  • The first game to feature Mario was "Donkey Kong," where he was tasked with rescuing a damsel in distress named Pauline.

Interesting Facts about Consoles

  • NES (Nintendo Entertainment System): Super Mario Bros was a flagship title for the NES, revitalizing the video game industry after the crash of 1983.
  • SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System): Mario continued his adventures with titles like Super Mario World, introducing new gameplay mechanics and characters.
  • Nintendo 64: Mario made the leap to 3D with Super Mario 64, setting new standards for 3D platforming and exploration.
  • GameCube: Mario appeared in games like Super Mario Sunshine, exploring new gameplay mechanics and introducing FLUDD, a water-spraying device.
  • Wii: Mario took advantage of motion controls with games like Super Mario Galaxy, redefining platforming experiences.
  • Switch: Mario continues to be a staple with games like Super Mario Odyssey, blending traditional platforming with open-world exploration.

Welcome to Play Super Mario Bros, How To Play Super Mario Bros?

Use keyboard buttons W-A-S-D or The arrow keys on your keyboard [↑→↓←] to Move Mario

Use P to pause the Game or M to mute. Use Shift or CTRL to use Fireball/Run

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